Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm entering my Cricut/YourStory project into the M's big contest!

Okay...after much praise from peeps on the MB and encouragement from Lisa (BugJunkie) I entered my project below in the contest Michael's is having!!! I know! Scary! If you have a moment to go over to it and vote for it, I would soooo much be appreciative! I already know what I want with the gift card if I so happen to score one...a PINK EXPRESSION! pretty! LOL....thanks in advance for helping me's the link:

...and the pic:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Cricut and YourStory Challenge Entry!

OMG...This was my first challenge ever...and I loved it! I told myself I was going to win this thing...but alas...I didn't. But I do love my project. I think it's pretty cool. I have so many ideas that I can do with this design. The idea came to me after waking up one morning after dreaming about the challenge. Funny. It's a 3-D Acrylic Picture Book©. From back to front...It Has Mickey and Minnie standing in front of the house (last page), then the next page in front of that is Pluto and his dog house and a tree in the front yard. The next page has Donald, Daisy, and Goofy, and the 2nd page has the fence and mailbox. The front page is the cover that you can see through. It is also to appear as if Mickey is in the distance....and gradually the characters get bigger in the foreground. It looks neat in person...just don't know if it came across that way.
So here are my pics that I submitted. Tell me please what you think. BTW...who really needs 100+ cartridges and a fully loaded Gypsy???!!!! HA! It would have been pretty cool to win....maybe someday.