Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My New Pink E!!!!

***SQueeeeL!*** Oh My Goodness....I can hardly believe it! I got the Pink E that I kept drooling over since it's release. DH said back in August/September..."Get it if you want." I reply back..."But Honey, I have a perfectly fine Expression's just because of the color that I want it. It cuts the same." I let it go just like that and here I sit months later kicking myself I didn't take him up on the offer. So anyways...I address the issue again on Sunday...his reply..."I think you don't need to buy any more scrapping stuff." My reply..."Hmmphf...." When he asked if I was angry and I tell him no, I explain to him my idea about selling my first E and the cartridges that came with the new machine and how it will make up for the cost...and then some. Now the idea seems to be okay with him...and now I'm the one with the cold feet all of a sudden! What if this machine doesn't work right? What if it came from the batch of Pink E's with 'issues'...what if I sell my old one and I liked it better??? I'm PMS-ing...can you tell? I need some encouragement to open up the box and play!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My entry for the Cropping with the Stars Contest...

Well I did it again...I stayed up late every night that I could and designed, cut, tape and toiled over another acrylic 3-D book©. I stayed up all night on the eve of the deadline and entered this bugger, had only 2 1/2 hours of sleep before I had to go to work the next morning...only to find out that the contest was reopened and I could have taken more time on it, had a good nights sleep and entered 10 days later! Bummer. I wasn't going to tweak my book and then resubmitt my project because of sheer principle, but then on the {YES} eve of the final deadline, I stayed up until 3:00 am to retake pics, spruce up my instructions and resubmitted. And BY-GOLLY...I didn't win again! Next time...maybe. I think Admin put a big black check mark by my name and it wouldn't matter. LOL But it was fun, and I love the results. And my peeps that I know give me all the encouragement I need right now. Thanks everyone...Huggs to the bunch of you!!!
The first three pics are what I entered in the contest...and the last two are a few others that I took (sorry for the poor photography...) It is really hard to capture what it looks like in person, and the background lights reflected horribly in the acrylic. You can enlarge the pic by clicking on the photo for a better look at details.
...and these two additional pics show more details of the first scene.
Thanks for looking!!!