Monday, April 25, 2011

MTC Blog Hop May 1-31

 Can you believe it?  I am participating in my very first BLOG HOP!!!  Yeaaah-Huh....{i think i just heard a few peeps fall off of their chairs} LOL  Well get up and listen to this...

Let me tell you...I actually committed to STARTING and FINISHING a project and will have it posted here on my very own blog for all to see. yep:) My day is Sunday May 22nd....oh yeah, and this year...2011...hehehe.  And so hopefully all you wonderful bloggers and super crafters will come and see what I have been planning to make for this event.  Our goal is to share with the world how AMAZING our favorite crafting software, MAKE THE CUT! is...and how easy it is to use with the many different cutting machines available on the market today.  Everyday, beginning with May 1st. through May 31st, at 7:00 a.m, there will be a new blog to visit.  There are amazing designers lined up with awesome projects to share to help you keep your MoJo flowing at top speeds.  Please come join us in the fun.  Make sure to check back here May 1st to see where to go first and then back everyday throughout the month of May to see where the hop will take you next for the just might find a project or two that you will have to do before the month is over.  And...there just may be some blog candy along the way to sweeten this adventure! ;)

If you'd like to check out why we are so excited about our MTC, download the TRIAL. And when you are totally blown away by it's simplicity to create your own cuts, and you just have to buy your own copy of MAKE THE CUT! just click this highlighted link, you will be directed to the order form. Feel free to and contact ME with any questions about this wonderful program. 
Cutting machines that support MTC!
* Black Cat Cougar and Lynx
* Boss Kut Gazelle
* USCutters MH/LaserPoint Series
* Craftwell eCraft
* Any cutter machines that support HPGL printing (Craft ROBO, Silhouette, etc)
* And many more to come in the near future