Saturday, February 6, 2010

Disney Autograph Book

The questions to ask are..."How long did I know in advance that my little great niece was going to Disney World this week????" Answer: A few MONTHS!!! Next question..."WHEN did I actually start making the autograph book that I wanted to send along with her????" Answer: THREE DAYS BEFORE THEY LEFT!!!! I am officially the Procrastinating Queen! Needless to stay after pulling off two consectutive scrapping till 3:30 in the morning and having to be at work by 8:00 am....running home on a lunch hour and feverously trying to put some sort of finishing touches on the darn thing before presenting it to the 6 year old...I got it MOSTLY done. With the promise I will finish, embellish, and mat the pics they take when they return home. Please be kind. There are a few "scarey" eyes on the a bit of shakey lines drawn on a few pages because my body was starting to shut down with shear exhaustion! But here it is...I think it's pretty cute despite the limit of time I put on myself. I can only imagine how nice it could have been if I took all the time I had from when I decided I would like to do this.

I really don't like the pressure to finish in a short when will I learn??
BTW...I cut Kamiko's name using my Make The Cut software! Such a cool tool! I found a free Disney font and uploaded to the software and within minutes I had it cut out...COOL! :o)

...these are extra pages for those characters I didn't get to...yet! ;0)