Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wedding Album

Well...this is an 8 x 8 wedding album that I made for a friend back in October.  I used my new Epson 1100 to print these very cool graphic files I purchased from Moonbeam1212's Rosy Glow and Petal Wings at  What fabulous eye candy is found at that site!  You've gotta go and see!  I did print and cut roses and butterflies on each page and then pop dotted them for embellishments.  For the front and back covers, I used acrylic sheets and engraved a monogram onto the front using my awesome KNK Maxx.  It did a spectacular job.  I found the "filler" lines for the inside of the monogram in the Make the Cut gallery.  There is a small little glitch that didn't engrave.  I left it as it was, but if I do this again...which I'm sure I will since its so cool and a breeze with my handy dandy Maxxer...I will design my own filler lines because as I've seen since, it is pretty easy to make.  Bound it  with my easy, it cut like butter, even the plexiglass.  Wah-Lah.  Decided to forgo the ribbon on the binding wire.  The bride isn't for all the frilly girlie stuff.  I left it so that she can put her own pics in it too.  The simpler the better.  Ü 
So here you go...some pics I took of this fun project.