Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm entering my Cricut/YourStory project into the M's big contest!

Okay...after much praise from peeps on the MB and encouragement from Lisa (BugJunkie) I entered my project below in the contest Michael's is having!!! I know! Scary! If you have a moment to go over to it and vote for it, I would soooo much be appreciative! I already know what I want with the gift card if I so happen to score one...a PINK EXPRESSION! pretty! LOL....thanks in advance for helping me's the link:

...and the pic:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Cricut and YourStory Challenge Entry!

OMG...This was my first challenge ever...and I loved it! I told myself I was going to win this thing...but alas...I didn't. But I do love my project. I think it's pretty cool. I have so many ideas that I can do with this design. The idea came to me after waking up one morning after dreaming about the challenge. Funny. It's a 3-D Acrylic Picture Book©. From back to front...It Has Mickey and Minnie standing in front of the house (last page), then the next page in front of that is Pluto and his dog house and a tree in the front yard. The next page has Donald, Daisy, and Goofy, and the 2nd page has the fence and mailbox. The front page is the cover that you can see through. It is also to appear as if Mickey is in the distance....and gradually the characters get bigger in the foreground. It looks neat in person...just don't know if it came across that way.
So here are my pics that I submitted. Tell me please what you think. BTW...who really needs 100+ cartridges and a fully loaded Gypsy???!!!! HA! It would have been pretty cool to win....maybe someday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Favorite Layout...Pretty In Pink

Since I'm on a roll...I thought I'd load this two page layout I did earlier this year. It's no way as fancy as many talented peeps in scrappyland...but I'm working my way up! I have to go and take pics of the other layouts I finished this year. I lack the ability to journal on them...I need to work on that too. So here is a pic of DD when she was 11 months old...26 years ago! This was the day she started to walk. She use to do this cute little "fishy lips" and the photographer caught the end of it in this first pic. She said she thought it was so cute, and if she did it again, she would snap a picture really quick. I guessed Rachel knew we wanted her to do it again, so she didn't cooperate...that's my lil girlie! LOL Oh, how I miss my sweet babies!!!

It's Time To Post A Few Projects...'s time to get the last post moved down...I've been a bit lazy and greatly boring regarding my blog. Funny thing is my daughter finally discovered this place! LOL She always tells me I never tell her I'm guilty as charged! I have been busy with trying to upgrade and get my computer moving's going on three weeks now and DH told me he would have given up on the whole thing two weeks ago. Things were going pretty smoothly until I deleted a few critical things that I didn't want to, but thankfully I found the way to get it all back. I love "Google"!!! But when he said I could go ahead and get a new computer, at first I told him I wanted to save the money and get this one flying...but in the end I ordered one from HP!!! I'm expecting it by the end of the month so that will be sweet! I can't wait to load my new PE7 and play...I just discovered how to digi scrap...maybe it won't take me as long to complete a layout as it does paper scrapping! **right...;^p ** I find that I'm so afraid to adhere things down...seems so permament! HA!! HA!! Anyhow...I found some pics on my external drive...sorry about the fuzzy pic. I need to learn how to take a better picture...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cutting Above Gypsy Giveaway!

Cutting Above is THE new place for industry news, review information, tutorials, videos and just about anything else related to scrapbooking and die cut machines!! AND have you also heard that Provo Craft is helping them celebrate! That's right. They have generously donated 2 Gypsies to be given away for their launch as well as to celebrate their Grand Opening on HSN September 24th!! So stop over at Cutting Above's blog to get the info and sign up for a free Gypsy!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cricut Celebrates Cartridge #100!!! (links for each week in post)

How Cool is this??!!! Provocraft has come through with a fun giveaway by giving a total of 100 eager scrappers; 20 winners for each of the next 5 weeks...A FREE WINTER WOODLAND CARTRIDGE!!!

Check out this cute cartridge...It's a "GOTTA HAVE"!!

Follow the Cricut MB for details...

WEEK #1:

WEEK #2:




*** would be fun to win just one of these RAK's someday! LOL ;^)

Friday, July 17, 2009

My First Blog Award!!!

Woo-Hoo!!! This is so awesome!!! I'd like to thank Julie over at for including me in her list of blogspots for this award...I feel honored! Go pop over to her site and see all the fun stuff she has been creating! She's one talented artist! Now my assignment is to go and find a few blog sites that deserve this award as well...there are so many...

Monday, June 15, 2009


Oh My Goodness...could it be true??!!! I was asked by a friend in our congregation to paint a mirror for her wall. She had "heard" that I paint and do other artsy things. Well, I accepted the challenge, somewhat excited and flattered she asked...and yet at the same time horrified on the task at hand. I mean...she is going to hang it on her wall and people are going to ask...she will point it out...yish! One MAJOR mistake on her part...she told me..."I'm in no hurry...take your time"...not the right thing to say to me. I still have many unfinished layouts and cards sitting on my table...not to mention the laundry! LOL

Sooooo...5-6 months took me that long. Procrastination is my sir name. But that's what you get when you combine a procrastinator and perfectionist. Not saying I'm a perfectionist per-say...more like I like things to look perfect, and knowing I can't get it like that in 5 minutes drives me crazy! Weeks would go by without even pulling it out to work on. So the end result is that crafts take me an anguishing amount of time to complete. In fact, even after My hubby declared that I was finished with this mirror, I kept pulling it out and picking out what I don't like and catching myself going for the paints again. (which I did twice after the declaration!) So without further ado...and proof that I completed a is the finished project! Please be kind...I love art and wished I was just like my friend Beth Senn, who could have whipped this sucker out in 5 minutes...and make it look like the real exaggeration!!! She rocks!

Hahaahaa...I think I'm procrastinating putting up the pics! Here's the card that she wanted a painting of...

This is what she's getting...

You can see in this last pic that I had gone back and darkened up the grass...which is driving me crazy because it's lopsided...oh maybe it's on a hill! LOL I like that the relfection of my floor makes it look like the basket is on the

It was neat taking pictures of the mirror...first one I took, there was a reflection of me in it...delete. Then the next one I took you could see my messy cubbies in my bedroom...delete. Then another I took while it was on my stove. That one was hilarious because it looked like the basket of flowers were drifting in the air in my kitchen...

Let me know if you'd put this up on your wall. I think it's going in her bedroom...maybe nobody goes in there but her!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One More Card For Today...

This is my most recent card I made. Precious Moments stamp colored with Prismacolor pencils and gamosol technique. SU! stamp on the inside and texture from a cuttlebug embossing folder.

A Few Cards I Made...

These are just a few cards I've made within the past year. I'm going to put them up for my own "Personal Growth" see where I've began and where I'm heading as far as creativity. There are tons of inspiration many ideas to scraplift. I hope to be as gifted as an artist as many of my favorite blogsite owners are! ;0)

A Couple More Pics...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Louis Vuitton Knockoff....

Here's another project I made "Purse" related! One of my clients gave me her Louis Vuitton knockoff purse she had. It wasn't her...and knockoff or not...I think it's a fun purse. **I will have to take a pic of it and post it her another time** So to say thank you to her, I cut a little purse from the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge! Look how cute it turned out! LOL I cut the L & V's with my cuttlebug alphabet dies and placed them "just so"...and a little ribbon bow, just like my handbag. Inside I put some treats and a gift card for a free pedicure from me. Mona LOVED it! come to think of it...she should be booking that appointment soon!

Altered Purse

This was a project I made for a "big girl" pajama party I went to. Along with the invitation, we were given a name of someone that was going to be there, and we were to make a gift with our own two hands to give to that person. It was quite fun! It was pretty amazing that everyone got a gift that fit them perfectly.
This is the altered purse I made for Rebecca...she is in the picture on the front. She is a purse myself, so I thought this was an easy choice of projects. I absolutely loved putting it together. I got the pressed board purse from HL as well as the paper. I used Colorbox Cat Eye chalk inks to distress the edges, and applied Modge Podge to adhere the paper. A little ribbon and flower attached to the beaded handle, a few gems around the framed pic, and a monogram to personalize... and ...WhaaLaaa! Take a look...I think it turned out pretty fantastic if I do say so myself! BTW...I received a handmade braided rug made out of my favorite colors...purple, green and blue! It is under my feet at this moment under my computer desk...PERFECT! =0]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Could Spend All Day Here!

This blog idea is a beast! I can actually spend my whole day here looking up other peoples that a problem for anyone else? As you can see...I have not posted a single thing of my own yet. And will I ever?? How can I when I see the beautiful work everyone else does in the "Cyber Scrap World"! I have been working up the courage to post pics...just don't know quite where to start...probably my first LO would be good.

When I first thought I would like to 'get into' this hobby, I really hadn't expected the adventure that laid ahead. I quickly found out. The once small basket of goodies, now has no turned into a corner of my bedroom of cramped delight, and images in my mind of someday in the *near--HA* future, that one or two...shall I say all three of my dear children (young adults) moving out and actually having a whole room so that my deliciously fun toys can finally find a proper spot in this home...someday.

Well here I go...Now remember that this is the very first LO I did...NO Cricut, a few stickers, a glue stick and hand cut outs from a nails magazine for embellishments. I don't have but a picture of my first was for one of my dear clients, Liane, that I had known for 2 years. She was from Germany, and she and her small family were returning home after living here for 6 years. Liane introduced me to card making and scrap booking. She invited me to my very first SU! party...and that's all it took. I knew I was hooked. But it wasn't until she was about to leave, she asked all her friends to create a page for her to take home for memory sake...what a cool idea! Still, after she left, it took me another year before I really decided to start collecting my stash. Funny, I thought all I needed was the Cuttlebug! LOL--NOT! That's another topic...So be kind...I promise it gets a little better.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look at this AWESOME Blog Candy!!!!


Debbie at is celebrating her blogoversary with this amazing blog candy. Its running until the 30th so check it out. Don't you agree it's amazing??!!! Thanks for sharing are so generous! Congrats to whoever gets these treats! ...And it makes my page look so pretty! LOL...that's a treat in itself.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


...but I have nothing to say!! LOL!!! I will have to download some pics of my creations, get some friends on here and make this thing look interesting! Well here I go...the official start of my blog. This will be a scary adventure...what if nobody likes my stuff...or worse yet...ME!!!!

So add yourself to my Followers link and comment away...well there's nothing to actually see here yet, but my pic. LOL Enjoy!