Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Could Spend All Day Here!

This blog idea is a beast! I can actually spend my whole day here looking up other peoples blogs...is that a problem for anyone else? As you can see...I have not posted a single thing of my own yet. And will I ever?? How can I when I see the beautiful work everyone else does in the "Cyber Scrap World"! I have been working up the courage to post pics...just don't know quite where to start...probably my first LO would be good.

When I first thought I would like to 'get into' this hobby, I really hadn't expected the adventure that laid ahead. I quickly found out. The once small basket of goodies, now has no turned into a corner of my bedroom of cramped delight, and images in my mind of someday in the *near--HA* future, that one or two...shall I say all three of my dear children (young adults) moving out and actually having a whole room so that my deliciously fun toys can finally find a proper spot in this home...someday.

Well here I go...Now remember that this is the very first LO I did...NO Cricut, a few stickers, a glue stick and hand cut outs from a nails magazine for embellishments. I don't have but a picture of my first LO...it was for one of my dear clients, Liane, that I had known for 2 years. She was from Germany, and she and her small family were returning home after living here for 6 years. Liane introduced me to card making and scrap booking. She invited me to my very first SU! party...and that's all it took. I knew I was hooked. But it wasn't until she was about to leave, she asked all her friends to create a page for her to take home for memory sake...what a cool idea! Still, after she left, it took me another year before I really decided to start collecting my stash. Funny, I thought all I needed was the Cuttlebug! LOL--NOT! That's another topic...So be kind...I promise it gets a little better.

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