Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Wedding....of the YEAR!!!

Can you believe it???  No, me neither.  It's been 
F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I posted something in this thing.  I promised the few of you that may check from time to time to see if I would keep my word...YES. I did. Finally. Procrastinator Extraordinaire.

So, what a whirlwind year, to say the least.  My baby boy found someone to share his love with.  A beautiful, inside and out, young lady from the other side of the world.  So yep....there was a wedding one whole month ago already!  And, "Yep"...we went to South Africa for it!!!  What an experience of a life time.  Wouldn't have missed this for anything. They are a perfect match.  Emmi completes him.  And he adores her!  I have a Daughter-in-law!!!

So I was thrilled they asked me to make their wedding invites, but asked if they would give me a direction, since so many ideas are out there to be tried.  They sure did.  This is the pic they sent me.
At first I thought...piece of cake with my machines (errr...I'm a hoarder...I'm up to six's a sickness my husband says. I'm okay with that.)  And of course, with my Make The Cut program, anything is possible. It didn't have to be an exact copy, but they loved the idea of the cut-a-away corner.  Let me tell you....there were many tears.  I had to honestly look at my abilities as well as my time frame to get it all done. 100 plus cards and matching sleeves.  I came very close to telling them we would order the cards and pay for them ourselves.  But I stuck with it.  Had a great big confidence boost with the help of the wonderful people from the weekly webinar through MTC...thanks Bryan!  It was a big help!  And so with many, many nights with only 4 hours of sleep, lots and lots of designing and reworking my pattern, lots and lots of paper snibbles to be picked up off the floor, and many, many glue drops to each one of those corner pieces...this is what I ended up with.

{the cards & sleeves before assembling...}

I think it turned out pretty well. Ü
So I included a square card with the reception info on it, as well as a sheet of fancy-shmancy tissue paper inside each card, then inserted it into the sleeve, put it all into a linen envelope to mail.  That's it.  Mission Accomplished. LOL

Oh...and then there was the engagement party I threw before we left for South Africa.  I wanted to have a photo booth, but really didn't have the $700+ for the 4 hour rental.  So I searched for an idea and decided to go with a Polaroid picture frame.  Threw in some Disney inspired embellishments and props from a digi kit I bought, print and cut and wahlah.  
CUTE and FUN!!
EDITED TO ADD: Because of my strong personal feelings for the occasion, I will not be sharing the file for the card.  Thank you for all the interest! Ü