Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cutting Above Gypsy Giveaway!

Cutting Above is THE new place for industry news, review information, tutorials, videos and just about anything else related to scrapbooking and die cut machines!! AND have you also heard that Provo Craft is helping them celebrate! That's right. They have generously donated 2 Gypsies to be given away for their launch as well as to celebrate their Grand Opening on HSN September 24th!! So stop over at Cutting Above's blog to get the info and sign up for a free Gypsy!!!


  1. I'm still kinda debating over a Gypsy?? Do I really need another "tool" I'm sure I'll give in, and decide I do need it. LOL
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  2. Exactly how I feel! I want to resist, but in the will be too hard to pass up! LOL

  3. Kathy
    Your right we have the same backgrounds on our blogs. We have good taste :)
    I am following you....
    Patsy (My pink paris studio)

  4. I had no other way of contacting you, Kathy, so I thought I'd drop a comment here. I'm having a Giveaway on my blog in honor of my 100th post! Please stop by and sign up for a chance to win, if you'd like. It's a Halloween Paperbag album. Do stop by. THanks!

  5. WHAT! You have your own BLOG NOW?!!!
    Someones peeping you!!!


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