Monday, July 25, 2011


Have you heard??!!!  Make The Cut V. 3.3.2 has been released and is now available for download!  It is OUTSTANDING! 

Andy and company have outdone themselves and added some very COOL features to this version.  Truly brilliant and easy to use.  And if you love Lettering Delights Graphic Art and SVG's, MTC has integrated the ability to access your SVG's right from the software. Again...BRILLIANT!  There are many other new features I haven't even touch I'm off to play, and hopefully I'll have something completed to share here. Ü

If you were on the fence about MTC...jump across already and join us. LOL  You won't be disappointed.  And at this great price, it is so worth the investment.  And remember, Andy doesn't charge for updates. Donations are completely up to you!  Isn't that terrific Customer Service?!!?  So if you want to go straight over to buy, this link will take you right to the order form. (again...Ü) 

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